Antiquity Blue Whisky Price in Delhi

Antiquity Blue Whisky Price in Delhi

Antiquity Blue is an iconic Indian whisky produced by United Spirits Ltd, renowned for its rich blend and smooth notes. It has garnered many awards at prestigious spirits competitions and enjoys great popularity in Delhi NCR, consistently ranking among the top blended whiskies. With rising demand, understanding Antiquity Blue whisky prices in Delhi can help buyers find the best deals as per their budget and preferences. This comprehensive guide covers all the pricing nuances across variants, bottle sizes and retail formats in the city.

Price Variations by Bottle Size

The most readily available Antiquity Blue bottle size in Delhi is the standard 750ml. It typically retails between ₹1200 to ₹1400 at most wine shops and liquor stores. However, competitive pricing differences exist:

  • In high-end outlets, premium pricing applies with prices reaching as high as ₹1600 to ₹1800 per 750ml bottle.
  • Smaller speciality wine shops and wholesale retailers sometimes offer prices closer to the lower end of ₹1200-1300.

Besides the common 750ml format, 180ml miniatures and 1-litre or even 1.75-litre larger bottles are also available:

  • 180ml Antiquity Blue miniatures are priced around ₹350 to ₹400. Their small format makes them ideal for gifting purposes or trial before purchasing full bottles.
  • Larger 1 to 1.75 litre Antiquity Blue bottles are less commonly retailed but offer better value for money to frequent drinkers. Their prices range from ₹2400 to ₹5000 approximately.

Variants and Their Price Differentials

Variants and Their Price Differentials

Alongside the classic Antiquity Blue, premium variants like Antiquity Rare Cask and Antiquity Ultra Premium are also available in Delhi at higher price points:

Variant Typical 750ml Price
Antiquity Blue ₹1200 – ₹1500
Antiquity Ultra Premium ₹2000 – ₹2500
Antiquity Rare Cask ₹5000 – ₹5500

The Rare Cask expression is matured in oak casks for over 10 years. It delivers complex woody aromas and intense flavours, commanding a significantly higher price tag. Ultra Premium offers an elevated blend at more affordable luxury pricing.

Factors Impacting Antiquity Blue Prices in Delhi

Factors Impacting Antiquity Blue Prices in Delhi

Taxes and MRP Regulations

Alcohol pricing in Delhi is impacted by both central and state government taxes, fees and regulations. A maximum retail price (MRP) is set by the manufacturer, which includes excise duties, VAT, etc. Retailers cannot legally exceed this MRP printed on bottles.

Recently in 2022, the Delhi government reduced VAT on all liquor from 20% to just 1%. This has led to visible price reductions for most whiskies including Antiquity Blue. On a 750ml bottle costing ₹1300, this translates to tax savings of almost ₹200 for consumers.

Location and Shop Type

Being a metropolitan city, price variations exist across different areas in Delhi depending on real estate affordability. Additionally, the type of retail shop or outlet also impacts pricing availability:

  • Upscale hotels, clubs and pubs in premium locations like Khan Market or Connaught Place charge higher markups. Prices here can reach ₹1600 to ₹1800.
  • More affordable pricing at around ₹1250-1350 is usually found in neighbourhood wine shops, especially in middle-class residential areas across East, West and North Delhi.
  • Government-run retail liquor stores also offer stable rates due to scale and fixed margins.
  • Reputable online platforms provide wider price transparency and deeper discounts through promotions and deals.

[Map showing sample locality-wise price range comparisons in Delhi for Antiquity Blue 750ml bottle]

Finding the Best Deals for Antiquity Blue in Delhi

Choosing reputable sellers and watching for special discounts or offers can help buyers save significantly on Antiquity Blue in Delhi.

Finding the Best Deals for Antiquity Blue in Delhi

Online Platform Discounts and Offers

Reputable alcoholic beverage delivery platforms like Living Liquidz, Hip Bar and Booz App offer periodic discounts, bundle deals and price promotions. First-time app user coupons can offer especially high savings over MRP pricing.

Home delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato also retail Antiquity Blue, and their weekly promotional offers can translate to good deals for buyers.

However, buyers should verify seller ratings and license credentials before purchasing liquor online.

Special Discounts at Offline Retailers

Brick-and-mortar wine shops and wholesale retailers also provide customers periodic promotions and loyalty programs. Sanjeev Bhargava Stores, Palika Wine and Aeroplane Wine Shops are popular for affordable Antiquity Blue rates.

Buying directly from these trusted retailers eliminates third-party commissions and hidden charges of food aggregators. Outstanding deals appear around festive occasions like Diwali or New Year when stores clear inventory.

Brand sales and retailer clearance offers excellent opportunities for consumers to obtain premium bottles at a fantastic value. Neighborhood stores also build rapport with regular buyers and offer loyalty rewards or member prices.

Duty-Free Price Advantage

For travellers looking to purchase Antiquity Blue in Delhi at most optimal pricing, Duty-Free liquor stores present excellent value. Delhi Airport duty-free locations offer discounts around 30% cheaper than Delhi MRP rates on most popular whisky brands.

Since they are exempt from local taxes, prices are much reduced – sometimes approaching manufacturer pricing. However, customers can only avail of duty-free rates when exiting Delhi and carrying bottles within permitted allowance limits of 2 litres.

Additional Information on Antiquity Blue Whisky

Before deciding on Antiquity Blue, consumers can consult reviews comparing it with close competitors like Black Dog and Royal Challenge whisky variants. Understanding flavor profiles and quality opinions can help match personal preferences.

Resources like Whisky Spree provide independent whisky reviews and tasting notes across Indian blended malts in an easy-to-understand format for novices.

It is also prudent to check Delhi’s legal drinking age of 25 years and act responsibly while buying or consuming any liquor product. Popular media has tackled whisky culture in films like Cocktail, but real-life moderation is key.

Interesting tales behind Antiquity Blue’s legacy and production techniques reveal signature flavors liked by fans. Whisky tourism in India is also rising, with distillery tours, whisky trails, food pairings, and more.


This guide has explored how Antiquity Blue prices in Delhi vary across different bottle sizes, premium variants and city retail formats. While taxes, location-specific markups and regulations impact base pricing, consumers can secure the best deals through channel discounts and targeted offers.

Online apps provide wider choices and aggregated deals. Physical wine shops or duty-free purchases offer buyers reliability and potential loyalty benefits. Seeking recognized retailers and responsibly comparing variants against individual budgets and tastes makes Antiquity Blue worth its icon status for Delhi’s whisky lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the Price of Antiquity Blue 750ml in Delhi?

A: The common 750ml bottle of Antiquity Blue whisky is priced between ₹1200 to ₹1500 at most liquor stores in Delhi. Select premium outlets charge higher rates around ₹1600-1800 while some discounted stores offer prices near the ₹1200 mark.

Q2: Where Can I Buy Antiquity Blue at the Lowest Prices in Delhi?

A: Smaller local wine shops, especially in middle-class neighbourhoods across North, East and West Delhi offer the most affordable rates at around ₹1250-1350 per 750ml bottle. Duty-free stores at Delhi Airport also provide discounted pricing up to 30% cheaper than the MRP.

Q3: is Antiquity Blue Cheaper Online in Delhi?

A: Yes, reputable online liquor delivery platforms provide periodic discounts, first-time user promos and bundle pricing that lower costs versus physical stores. However, buyers should evaluate seller credibility before purchasing liquor online.

Q4: What Are Some Premium Variants of Antiquity Blue Available in Delhi?

A: Besides the classic Antiquity Blue, rare and luxury offerings like Antiquity Ultra Premium (₹2000-2500) and Antiquity Rare Cask (₹5000-5500) are also retailed in Delhi at higher price points.

Q5: is Antiquity Blue Cheaper to Buy From Delhi Duty-free? 

A: Yes, Delhi Airport duty-free locations offer savings around 30% over the city MRP rates for Antiquity Blue bottles. However, customers can only purchase when exiting Delhi and carry quantities within permitted allowance limits of 2 litres.

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