Bagpiper Whisky Price in Haryana

Bagpiper Whisky Price in Haryana

Born from the rich culture of India, Bagpiper Whisky stands proudly as a beverage of national pride. With a vibrant spirit encased in every bottle, Bagpiper Whisky has unfailingly served taste, quality, and heritage for over four decades. This article aims to offer comprehensive information regarding the price of Bagpiper Whisky in Haryana, a state in Northern India. However, the price of whisky is prone to fluctuations due to various factors, including taxes and duties, retailer markups, and discounts on the product.

Price of Bagpiper Whisky in Haryana

Price of Bagpiper Whisky in Haryana

Bottle Size Average Price in Haryana
180ml ₹150 – ₹180
375ml ₹275 – ₹300
750ml ₹550 – ₹580
1L ₹720 – ₹750

The 750ml bottle of Bagpiper Whisky is often the most common and preferred choice due to its convenient size for both parties and solo drinking sessions. Typically in Haryana, the price range for a 750ml bottle stands between ₹550-580. If we delve deeper into specific variants of Bagpiper Whisky such as Bagpiper Rare Premium or Bagpiper Super Premium, the price tends to have slight variations. The reasons behind these variations are multifaceted, with the whisky’s age, quality, and rarity (in the case of limited editions) being significant factors.

Bagpiper Whisky comes in 180ml, 375ml and 1L variants for those seeking other bottle sizes. Much like any other whisky brand, the price per ml usually decreases as the bottle size increases marginally. This strategy encourages customers to purchase larger quantities per ml at a relatively lower cost.

Factors Affecting Price

Factors Affecting Price

Various components affect the price of alcohol, especially whisky in India, and taxes and duties play a crucial role in this respect. Whisky in Haryana is subjected to excise duty, VAT (Value Added Tax), and sometimes additional cess. All these taxes and fees significantly inflate the original cost of the bottle.

In India, especially in Haryana, the price of spirits like whisky does not solely hinge on the production cost. Several extra factors significantly contribute towards the final retail price, with taxes and duties being paramount.

The Indian Government imposes several forms of taxation on alcohol with the intent of not only generating revenue but also discouraging excessive alcohol consumption. The primary taxes and duties on whisky in Haryana include:

  • Excise Duty: Imposed on the manufacturing of alcohol.
  • VAT (Value Added Tax): This state-level tax is imposed on the sale of goods and varies among different states in India.
  • Additional Cess/Surcharge: These are state-specific and can be changed based on the discretion of each state’s government.

To illustrate the impact of these taxes, let’s take an example. Assume the base price (manufacturing cost + profit) of a bottle of Bagpiper Whisky is ₹300. First, the Excise Duty is applied; let’s say 70% for this case, which means ₹210 is added, making the cost now ₹510. Next, VAT at 20% adds ₹102 more, bringing the total to ₹612. Last, let’s add an additional cess of ₹50, making the final price ₹662.

Thus, a bottle priced originally at ₹300 costs over double due to various taxes and duties. This starkly highlights how taxes and duties can significantly impact the price of Bagpiper Whisky in Haryana.

Where to Buy Bagpiper Whisky in Haryana

Where to Buy Bagpiper Whisky in Haryana

Bagpiper Whisky can be purchased from various sources in Haryana, ranging from local liquor stores and supermarkets to online stores. Each venue has its merits and demerits. For instance, a physical store enables you to secure your purchase instantly. Still, it may not offer as many discounts as an online store, which trades immediate possession for potentially better pricing.

Regardless of your chosen method, it’s essential to find a reputable retailer to guarantee the authenticity of your whisky. Some trustworthy retailers in Haryana known for their wide-range and fair pricing include ‘Chawla Wines’, ‘P&P Wine and Spirit’, and ‘Royal Brierly Wine Shop’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Would the Price of Bagpiper Whisky Vary Between Cities in Haryana?

Answer: Yes, the price of Bagpiper Whisky may vary slightly between different cities within Haryana due to varying local taxes, transport costs, and the retailer’s markup.

Q2. How Often Do Taxes and Duties on Alcohol Change in Haryana?

Answer: Taxes and duties on alcohol can be revised annually, as they are predominantly set during the State Budget. However, revisions can also occur at any time during the year, based on the government’s discretion.

Q3. Are Discounts on Bagpiper Whisky More Commonly Available During Certain Times of the Year?

Answer: Discounts might be more common during festive seasons such as Diwali, Christmas, and New Year. Some retailers may also offer special promotions during their anniversary sales or clearance periods. However, there’s no specific timetable for discounts as such.

Q4. Are There Any Regulations Regarding the Home Delivery of Bagpiper Whisky in Haryana?

Answer: Alcohol delivery policies vary by state. In some parts of India, home delivery of alcohol has been allowed due to the pandemic, but it’s important to check the most recent policies for Haryana. Always verify and adhere to the current laws and regulations.

Q5. Is It Legal to Buy Bagpiper Whisky From Another State to Avoid High Taxes in Haryana?

Answer: Generally, it’s not legal to transport alcohol across state lines in India without a permit or in quantities that exceed the permissible limit. Penalties for such violations can be severe, including heavy fines and imprisonment.

Numerous factors can influence the price of Bagpiper Whisky in Haryana, and understanding these can help you make a knowledgeable purchase. But remember, moderation and responsibility are the key elements to savouring this wonderful beverage.


This article provided a detailed insight into the price of Bagpiper Whisky in Haryana, including the different influencing factors such as taxes, retailer markups, bottle size variations, and discounts. We also discussed where and how to buy authentic Bagpiper Whisky in Haryana. As we wind up this discourse, remember that the joy of spirits is best experienced when consumed responsibly and in moderation. Here’s to making every sip count!

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