Black and White Whisky Price in Assam - An In-Depth Analysis

Black and White Whisky Price in Assam – An In-Depth Analysis

An introduction to the captivating world of Black and White Blended Scotch Whisky in Assam: Famous for its smooth, honey-fused palate, Black and White Whisky enjoys a prodigious fan base across the spirit-loving state of Assam. However, multiple aspects like handling, taxation, and laws contribute to establishing its price. This article seeks to unravel these interwoven threads of whisky pricing within Assam, providing a comprehensive understanding of multiple factors that dictate the whisky price. Our goal is to shed light on the importance of informed decision-making when purchasing and enjoying this delightful spirit. Let’s embark on this insightful journey to trace the nuances that shape the price of Black and White Whisky in the charming state of Assam.

With its iconic logo of two terrier dogs, a beloved emblem in the whisky world, Black and White Blended Scotch Whisky has charmed connoisseurs in Assam, India. Famous for its honey-sweet smoothness, this amber nectar has emerged as a premium choice for whisky enthusiasts in the region. This article explores the dynamics defining the Black and White Whisky price in Assam, comprehensively analyzing the multifaceted factors that influence its pricing and its evolution over the years.

Understanding Whisky Pricing in Assam

Understanding Whisky Pricing in Assam

Variant Size (ml) MRP (₹) Typical Retail Price (₹) Location Variation
Black & White Blended Scotch Whisky 180 550 570-600 Higher in rural areas
Black & White Blended Scotch Whisky 375 1040 1080-1120 Slightly higher in rural areas
Black & White Blended Scotch Whisky 750 2250 2300-2400 Slightly higher in rural areas
Black & White Blended Scotch Whisky 1000 2700 2750-2850 Limited availability, higher price

In Assam, the pricing of alcoholic beverages like whisky is a complex process, primarily governed by the state government’s Maximum Retail Price (MRP). This price marking attempts to ensure transparency and reduce undue profit margins.

The Assam State Beverages Corporation Limited (ASBCL) plays a pivotal role in liquor distribution and pricing within the state. As Assam’s sole wholesale distributor for IMFL and beer, ASBCL remarkably impacts whisky pricing through its distribution mechanism, government-mandated duties, and taxes.

Undeniably, excise duties and taxes significantly impact the Black and White Whisky’s final MRP in Assam. These levies generally include excise duty, value-added tax (VAT), and additional sales taxes, thereby at times inflating the product’s base price.

Several whisky variants, including 750ml and 1L bottles of Black and White Whisky, are available in Assam, each priced differently depending on factors like ageing, batch, demand, and availability. Traditionally, older whiskies (those aged longer in barrels) are priced higher due to their superior and more refined taste.

Factors Influencing Price Variations

Multiple parameters define the final MRP of Black and White Whisky in the Assam market; let’s scrutinize them sequentially.

Factors Influencing Price Variations

  • Location: Whisky pricing can widely differ within Assam. For instance, urban areas, especially Guwahati, the state’s bustling capital, often witness higher whisky prices than rural parts due to dynamic demand-supply equations.
  • Distribution Channels: The whisky price in Assam also fluctuates depending on where the consumer is buying this spirit. Retail stores, bars, and restaurants generally have different mark-ups, while online platforms might offer discounts and schemes to lure customers.
  • Seasonality and Promotions: Discounts and promotional offers during festival seasons or special occasions like Black Friday and New Year can considerably reduce the Black and White Whisky price in Assam. The idea is to drive sales via attractive offers and discounts.
  • Availability and Demand: Scotch whisky’s price varies significantly based on factors like scarcity, demand, popularity, and even collector’s value, which often inflates the price of limited-edition or discontinued variants.

Alternative Options and Comparisons

Alternative Options and Comparisons

Assam’s burgeoning liquor market is dominated by several local whisky brands that compete with Black and White in terms of price and flavour profiles. Though local brands often cost less, the Black and White Scotch promises a superior quality that justifies its elevated price.

Duty-free shops, mostly located at airports in and around Assam, offer a broader range of Black and White Whisky variants, often at reduced prices compared to traditional retail stores.

On the other hand, online Liquor Retailers in Assam provide the convenience of door-step delivery with seasonal discounts. With increasing digitization and internet penetration, online sales of this Scotch whisky are growing rapidly.

Additional Considerations

While delving into the Black & White Whisky realm in Assam, several other factors must be considered.

  • Counterfeit: Imitation or counterfeit whisky is an unfortunate reality in Assam’s alcohol marketplace. To combat the same, buyers should only purchase from authorized retailers and check for labels and seals that confirm the bottle’s authenticity.
  • Culture and Consumption: The consumption of whisky has cultural obligations in Assam. Often shared during special occasions or events, Black & White has established a firm foothold in the social fabric of the Assamese community.
  • Responsible Drinking: Lastly, as pleasant as the whisky experience may be, it’s essential to promote responsible drinking, understanding the health implications associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Can I Buy Authentic Black and White Whisky in Assam?

Authentic Black and White Whisky can be purchased from government-authorized alcohol outlets, duty-free shops at airports, and certified online liquor retailers in Assam.

2. What is the Current Mrp of Black and White Whisky in Assam?

The MRP of Black and White Whisky can vary within Assam due to factors like local taxes and levies. It’s recommended to check the latest price from authorized liquor retailers or the ASBCL.

3. How Does the Price of Black and White Whisky Compare to Local Whisky Brands in Assam?

Black and White Whisky is a premium Scotch, and its price might be higher compared to local whisky brands, owing to its international lineage and superior quality. The exact difference can vary based on the variant and local taxes.

4. Are There Any Discounts or Offers Available on Black and White Whisky During Festival Seasons?

Discounts and offers on Black and White Whisky can vary by retailers and ecommerce platforms. Typically, festive seasons might bring attractive deals.

5. Where Can I Find Authentic Black & White Whisky Gift Sets in Assam?

Genuine Black & White Whisky gift sets can be found at authorized liquor outlets, duty-free shops, or online liquor retailers in Assam. Ensure authenticity by verifying retailer certification.

6. How Can I Guarantee the Authenticity of My Black and White Whisky in Assam?

To ensure the authenticity of Black and White Whisky, purchase from authorized retailers, look for proper labelling, government excise stamps, and the right packaging.

7. What Are the Penalties for Driving Under the Influence of Black and White Whisky in Assam?

Driving under the influence of any whisky, including Black and White, is illegal in Assam. Violation can lead to severe penalties, including imprisonment or substantial fines or both. Drink responsibly!

8. What is the Age Verification Process for Buying Black and White Whisky in Assam?

Legally, consumers must be 21 years or older to purchase alcohol in Assam. Retailers are required to verify age through a valid ID proof.

9. How Does Black and White Whisky Tie Into Assam Tourism Packages?

Some Assam tourism packages may include visits to bars or restaurants that serve Black and White Whisky. Details can be found in individual package offers.

10. What Are the Health Risks Associated With Excessive Black & White Whisky Consumption?

Excessive consumption of any whisky, including Black and White, can lead to several health problems, including liver disease, heart disease, brain damage, and dependence. Always drink responsibly!


The Black and White Whisky price in Assam involves various factors, ranging from taxes and excise duties to demand-supply balances and market competition. As trends evolve, new parameters like online sales, seasonal promotions, and increased awareness about counterfeits might further influence the price. Undeniably, the enduring appeal of Black and White Scotch amongst Assamese whisky aficionados will continue to make it an integral

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