Black and White Whisky Price in UP

Black and White Whisky Price in UP

Black and White Blended Scotch Whisky, globally renowned for its distinguished taste and classic allure, holds a prominent place in India’s dynamic liquor market. With its balanced blend of fruity and smoky flavours, the brand has secured widespread patronage across demographic and geographic divides. One region where it commands considerable popularity is Uttar Pradesh (UP), a key part of India’s heartland with a vibrant and multifaceted liquor market.

This article ventures into the riveting dynamics of Black and White whisky prices in UP, exploring the factors influencing its pricing, comparisons with other states, and underlying reasons for these variations. The key question we seek to address is: What variables influence Black and White whisky prices in UP, and how do they compare to similar dynamics in other states?

Understanding Black and White Prices

Understanding Black and White Prices

The price tag on a liquor bottle in any liquor shop in UP is the Maximum Retail Price (MRP). Essentially, the MRP of Black and White in UP is the highest price at which it can be sold, including all taxes. The MRP system ensures that customers are not short-changed and retailers do not incur losses. But, the final price is much more than the MRP, especially when dealing with alcoholic beverages like Black and White whisky.

Price of alcohol in the country is significantly influenced by the taxes and duties levied by the state. Taxes on Black and White in UP form a considerable fraction of the final price, which varies across different bottle sizes, from 180ml to 1L. Additionally, pricing strategies differ depending on the sale platform. Buyers can often spot discrepancies between prices at online liquor stores in UP offering Black and White compared to physical liquor shops in UP.

Factors Influencing Prices

Various factors intertwine to shape the Black and White whisky prices in UP.

Factors Influencing Prices

Bottle Size (ml) Estimated Price Range (₹) Price per ml (₹) Source
750 ml ₹1,200 – ₹1,600 ₹1.60 – ₹2.13 Online retailers, price comparison websites
375 ml ₹650 – ₹800 ₹1.74 – ₹2.13 Online retailers, price comparison websites
180 ml ₹350 – ₹450 ₹1.94 – ₹2.50 Online retailers, price comparison websites


The infamous ‘liquor levy’ is a profound price determinant. UP-like every other state-has its own tax rates, comprising a blend of excise duty, VAT, and import duty. The total cumulative tax significantly inflates the final retail price of the Black and White whisky in UP. In comparison with other states, the variation of these duties results in variable prices across borders.

Supply and Demand:

The classic economic principle of supply-demand balance holds true for Black and White whisky pricing too. Factors like demographic profiles, lifestyle habits, income level, and cultural leanings in UP influence consumer demand, subsequently impacting the price.

Distribution Channels:

The Whisky’s path from Diageo’s factories to the liquor shops in UP also dictates the cost. With each transition through wholesalers, retailers, and online platforms, a markup is added, raising the final price.

Festivals and Occasions:

Festive occasions and celebratory seasons see a surge in demand for spirits including Black and White whisky. As a result, products may attract temporary price bumps or discounts, leading to fluctuating price trends over different periods within the year.

Promotional Strategies:

Discounts and promotions on Black and White in UP can significantly impact consumer buying patterns and thus its price. Sometimes, Diageo or retailers may offer loyalty programs, bonuses, and special offers to boost sales volumes, influencing the effective price paid by the consumer.

Comparisons and Alternatives

Comparisons and Alternatives

Prices of the Black and White whisky in UP can be contextualized better when compared with other whisky brands within a similar price range. Additionally, there exist affordable alternatives to Black and White in UP that offer good value for money, considered as formidable competitors in the retail market.

Geographical price variations also exist within UP. The Black and White whisky price often fluctuates from one city to another due to varying tax rates, demand patterns, and operational costs among others.

Future Outlook and Impact

Technology advancements and changing consumer behaviour are reshaping the liquor market in UP, with influences on Black and White whisky pricing. Online liquor sales, increased price transparency, real-time inventory updates, and similar digital trends may impact sales dynamics and pricing strategies. Government policy changes, economic trends, consumer preferences, and technological advancements all intersect to shape the future pricing trends of Black and White in UP.

Moreover, the social and cultural implications of whisky pricing cannot be understated in a region like UP, where widespread whisky consumption is both a reflection and a driver of societal trends.

Technological Innovations and Black and White Whisky:

Blockchain Technology for Liquor Supply Chains:

Blockchain technology can ensure transparency and authenticity in liquor supply chains, potentially impacting Black and White pricing. A blockchain-based system can trace a bottle from distillery to consumer, mitigating risks of counterfeit products.

Ai-powered Recommendations:

AI technology is increasingly employed to offer customized whisky recommendations. User preferences are analyzed to suggest whisky brands, potentially influencing customer choice and thereby, Black and White sales.

Advanced Systems for Liquor Sales and Management:

Mobile Apps and Age Verification:

Mobile apps for liquor ordering and delivery have gained popularity, offering consumers unprecedented convenience. Stringent age verification protocols are usually employed to ensure responsible drinking, contributing to a secure purchasing process.

Liquor Inventory Management:

Sophisticated systems for tracking and managing liquor inventory in stores have emerged, enabling retailers to handle their stock efficiently. This can influence availability and thereby, pricing of Black and White whisky.

Chatbots for Informative Assistance:

Chatbots provide real-time information about liquor prices, availability, and more. They can seamlessly guide customers towards buying Black and White whisky, potentially influencing its sales and competitive pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Current Mrp of Black and White Whisky in Up?

The current MRP can vary in UP based on bottle size and changes in state tax policies. Please check the latest pricing at a nearby liquor store or an online liquor platform.

2. Are There Any Online Liquor Stores in Up That Offer Black and White Whisky?

Yes, several online liquor stores operating in UP offer Black and White whisky. These platforms detail the stock availability, prices, discounts, and delivery options.

3. Are Discounts and Promotions Commonly Offered on Black and White Whisky in Up?

Promotions and discounts are dependent on the strategies employed by Diageo, retailers, or online platforms. During festivals and special occasions, such discounts are quite common.

4. Is There a Considerable Price Difference for Black and White Amongst Different Cities in Up?

Yes, prices may vary slightly across cities in UP due to disparities in local taxes, transportation costs, and supply-demand conditions.


The Black and White whisky prices in UP are influenced by a complex interplay of factors, including taxes, demand and supply dynamics, distribution channels, and promotional strategies. However, as consumers, awareness of these factors and forthcoming trends can lead to informed purchasing decisions. Amidst all discussions around price and availability, upholding the principle of responsible drinking is crucial.

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