Dicky Meaning in Hindi।

Dicky Meaning in Hindi।”डिकी” मीनिंग इन हिंदी

Dicky Meaning in Hindi अंग्रेजी शब्दों को प्रतिदिन बातचीत के दौरान इस्तेमाल किया जाता हैं। स्वाभाविक रूप से जरूरी हैं कि आप उन शब्दों के अर्थ के बारे में जाने।

 dicky भी एक महत्वपूर्ण वाक्यांश हैं जिसका प्रयोग आप निश्चित रूप से देखे होंगे। यदि आप इसका सही मतलब नहीं जानते हैं तो इस लेख को पढ़ते रहिए हम आपको dicky meaning in hindi के बारे में अवगत कराएंगे।

Dicky Meaning in Hindi।”डिकी” मीनिंग इन हिंदी

Dicky Meaning in Hindi

“Dicky” is not a Hindi word, so there is no direct translation for it in Hindi. However, the word “dicky” can refer to a small storage compartment in a car, which is sometimes called “Nikki” in Hindi.

Dicky Meaning in a Various Way

The word “dicky” can have different meanings depending on the context. Here are a few possible definitions:

  1. The adjective means poor quality, inferior or shoddy. For example, “He did a dicky job on the repair.”
  2. The noun means a detachable fabric insert for the front of a man’s shirt, also known as a “dickey” or “false shirt front.” For example, “He wore a dicky with his tuxedo.”
  3. The noun means slang for a penis, often used in a vulgar or derogatory way. For example, “He’s always talking about his dicky, it’s disgusting.”
  4. The adjective means feeling unwell or nauseous. For example, “I feel a bit dicky after eating that seafood.”
  5. A noun means a silly or foolish person. For example, “He’s such a dicky, always making silly jokes.”

It’s worth noting that some of these meanings may be considered offensive or vulgar, so it’s important to use them appropriately and with respect to others.

Dicky Means in Hindi in a Various Way

The word “Dicky” does not have a direct translation in Hindi as it is an English slang term. However, it may be used in Hindi conversations to refer to different things based on the context. Here are some possible meanings of “Dicky” in Hindi:

  1. डिकी (Diki): This can refer to the boot or trunk of a car.
  2. डिकी बदलना (Diki Badalna): This can refer to changing or replacing the boot or trunk of a car.
  3. डिकी सीट (Diki Seat): This can refer to a foldable seat in the rear of a vehicle, especially in an SUV or station wagon.
  4. डिकी जाँच (Diki Jaanch): This can refer to a pat-down search or frisking of a person, especially in security checks or law enforcement situations.
  5. डिकी चढ़ाना (Diki Chadhana): This can refer to hitchhiking or catching a ride on the back of a vehicle.

Dicky Meaning in Hindi With Sentence Sample

“Dicky” is not a commonly used word in Hindi, and it does not have a clear meaning in the language.

However, it is possible that the word you are referring to is “khana”, which means “to show” in Hindi. Here’s a sentence sample using “khana”:

मैं तुम्हें अपना नया घर दिखाना चाहता हूँ। (Main tumhe apna naya ghar dikhana chahta hoon.) – I want to show you my new house.

Dicky antonyms hindi and english with table format

Here is a table format with Hindi and English antonyms for the word “Dicky”:

Hindi Antonym English Antonym
बोनेट Bonnet
हुड Hood
डबल डूर Double door
डिक्सी Dixie
बैक सीट Back seat

Dicky Synonyms Hindi and English With Table Format

Hindi English
बेवकूफ़ Foolish
अल्पबुद्धि Dim-witted
मूर्ख Ignorant
गंवार Unsophisticated
अनपढ़ Illiterate
अज्ञानी Uninformed
अज्ञानी Unknowledgeable
अविवेकी Unwise
बेचारा Helpless
बेतुका Unreasonable
बेसमझ Clueless
बेपरवाह Careless
भोला Naive
निर्बुद्धि Imbecile
मुर्ख Simpleton
विवेकहीन Senseless
अनुभवहीन Inexperienced
अंधविश्वासी Superstitious


Dicky Qna in Hindi and English

Sure, here are some Dicky Q&A in both Hindi and English:

Q: Dicky kya hota hai?

A: Dicky ek gaadi ka storage area hota hai, jahaan par saman rakha ja sakta hai. (Hindi)

  1. A: Dicky is the storage area in a car where you can keep your belongings. (English)

Q: Dicky ko hindi mein kya kehte hain?

A: डिकी को हिंदी में ट्रंक कहते हैं। (Hindi)

  1. A: In Hindi, Dicky is called as ‘Trunk’. (English)

Q: Dicky ke andar kya rakh sakte hain?

A: Dicky ke andar luggage, saman, spare tire, toolkit, etc. rakha ja sakta hai. (Hindi)

  1. A: You can keep luggage, belongings, spare tire, toolkit, etc. in the Dicky. (English)

Q: Dicky ki capacity kaise badhayein?

A: Dicky ki capacity ko badhane ke liye roof rack, luggage carrier ya trunk extension ka istemal kiya ja sakta hai. (Hindi)

  1. A: To increase the capacity of the Dicky, you can use a roof rack, luggage carrier, or trunk extension. (English)

Q: Dicky ka istemal kis tarah se karein?

A: Dicky ka istemal hamesha sahi tarah se karein aur overload na karein. Badi cheezen ya bhari saman rakhte samay dikkat ho sakti hai. (Hindi)

  1. A: Always use the Dicky properly and do not overload it. It may become difficult to store big or heavy items. (English)

Q: Dicky ke bina car chala sakte hain?

A: Haan, car chala sakte hain lekin Dicky mein saman rakha jaana zaruri nahi hai. (Hindi)

  1. A: Yes, you can drive the car without the Dicky, and it is not necessary to keep your belongings in it. (English)

Q: Dicky ke andar ek spare tire hoti hai ya do?

A: Normally, Dicky mein ek spare tyre hoti hai lekin kuch gaadiyon mein do spare tyres bhi ho sakti hain. (Hindi)

  1. A: Typically, there is one spare tire in the Dicky, but some cars may have two spare tires. (English)

Q: Dicky mein kuch rakha hone se car ki mileage par kya asar padta hai?

A: Agar Dicky mein bahut saara samaan rakha jaata hai to car ki mileage par asar padta hai kyunki saman ki wajah se gaadi ka weight badh jaata hai. (Hindi)

  1. A: If a lot of items are stored in the Dicky, it can affect the car’s mileage because the weight of the car increases due to the stored items. (English)

Q: Dicky mein saman rakhte samay kya dhyan rakhein?

A: Dicky mein saman rakhte samay, saman ka weight evenly distribute karein taki car ki balance na brigade. (Hindi)

  1. A: When storing items in the Dicky, distribute the weight evenly to maintain the car’s balance.

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