Electric Cars in India Under 5 Lakhs

Electric Cars in India Under 5 Lakhs

Did you know that by 2030, India expects to have 70% of all vehicles running electrically? You’re probably thinking it’s too expensive, right? Well, don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of the most affordable electric cars in India under 5 lakhs. So strap in and get ready for an electrifying ride as we explore these budget-friendly options that won’t break your bank. Your dream of owning an eco-friendly car is closer than you think!

Electric Cars in India Under 5 Lakhs

You’re probably wondering if you can find a decent electric car in India for under 5 lakhs. The good news is, it’s entirely possible! Several companies have made strides to offer affordable and efficient electric vehicles (EVs) within this price range. These cars help you save on fuel costs and contribute to reducing carbon emissions, aligning with your environmental responsibilities. You’ll be surprised by the variety of options, from compact city cars to more spacious family vehicles. However, remember that while cost is an important factor, it shouldn’t compromise quality or performance. Always consider factors such as battery life, charging infrastructure availability, and service support before making a purchase decision. Now let’s delve into one such affordable option: Strom Motors R3.

1. Strom Motors R3

Strom Motors R3

Strom Motors R3’s an affordable option that’s gaining popularity due to its unique design and impressive features. It’s perfect for you if you’re looking for a compact, high-performing electric car that doesn’t break the bank.

Here’s a quick overview of its specifications:

Model Range/Charge Price
Strom Motors R3 200 Km Under 5 Lakhs

With an impressive range per charge and a pocket-friendly price, it’s no wonder that the Strom Motors R3 is turning heads in India. Not only does it offer excellent performance, but it also supports sustainable living by reducing carbon emissions. However, don’t let this be your last stop in exploring electric cars under 5 lakhs in India. Next up is ‘pmv eas e’, another great contender worth your consideration.

2. Pmv Eas E

Pmv Eas E

Next on your list should be the PMV EaS E, it’s a brilliant alternative that’s worth checking out. This electric vehicle (EV) offers an impressive mileage of 120 km per full charge. It’s designed specifically for urban driving with its compact design and easy maneuverability. The interior is stylish with a digital instrument cluster and plush seats for comfortable rides.

The PMV EaS E boasts a battery life that can last up to five years, ensuring long-term usage without frequent replacements. Its affordable price tag makes it a favorite among EV enthusiasts on a budget.

As you explore more options within this price range, the ‘Tata Nano Electric’ could turn out to be another fascinating choice worth considering in your search for the perfect economical EV in India.

3. Tata Nano Electric

Tata Nano Electric

Tata’s Nano, when converted to an EV, becomes quite a game-changer in the affordable vehicle sector. You’ll appreciate its compact design and impressive fuel efficiency. This little dynamo doesn’t compromise on performance either. It offers you a decent range of around 203 km per charge which is quite something for an EV at this price point. Additionally, it’s got ample space for four adults and is equipped with basic amenities that ensure a comfortable ride in city traffic. The Nano Electric is a testimony to Tata Motors’ commitment towards cleaner and sustainable mobility solutions in India. Now, while talking about budget-friendly electric cars in India under 5 lakhs, let’s shift our focus to another contender – the Renault K-ZE.

4. Renault K Ze

Renault K Ze

Renault’s K-ZE doesn’t disappoint regarding performance and affordability in the EV market. This compact SUV-style electric vehicle is a game-changer, designed with your budget in mind without compromising on quality or durability.

Here’s a quick glimpse of its features:

Feature Description Why it Matters
Battery Range 250 km per charge You can drive longer periods without worrying about recharging.
Fast Charging Charges up to 80% in 50 minutes Saves time and offers convenience.
Spacious Interior Ample space for five passengers including driver seat Ensures comfort during long rides.
Regenerative Braking System Converts kinetic energy into electrical energy during braking process. It helps increase battery life

As you dwell on Renault K-ZE’s impressive specs, let’s shift gears and explore another cost-effective model: The Mahindra Reva i.

5. Mahindra Reva i

Mahindra Reva i

Mahindra’s Reva i is a compact city vehicle that’s making waves in the affordable automotive market. You’ll appreciate its practical design and cost-effectiveness, especially if you’re conscious about both your budget and carbon footprint. It’s equipped with lead-acid batteries that can be charged at home within just a few hours. Its small size makes it an ideal choice for bustling city traffic. Don’t underestimate this little car though, as it can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h.

The interior isn’t luxurious but it doesn’t skimp on essentials either; there are safety features like ABS and airbags. What it may lack in luxury, it more than makes up for in terms of environmental friendliness and economy. Now let’s shift gears to another exciting option: the GWM R1.

6. Gwm R1

Gwm R1

Moving on from the Mahindra Reva i, let’s shift gears to the GWM R1. This car is another economical electric vehicle in India under 5 lakhs that you’ll definitely find intriguing.

  1. The GWM R1 is a product of Great Wall Motors, a prominent Chinese automaker which is gaining traction in India.
  2. It boasts an impressive range of up to 351 km per charge, making it perfect for city commuting or short road trips.
  3. Its compact design and stylish aesthetics make it a standout choice among other vehicles in its price range.
  4. The government’s push towards EVs could potentially lead to great deals on cars like the GWM R1.

With all these features, you’d be hard-pressed not to consider this option when shopping for affordable EVs in India. Next up, we’ll explore what Tata Motors has brought into play with their Tata Tiago EV offering.

7. Tata Tiago Ev

Tata Tiago Ev

Let’s now turn our attention to the Tata Tiago EV, a vehicle that’s making waves in the affordable auto market. This compact hatchback is your ideal companion for city commuting. You’ll appreciate its sleek design and comfortable interiors, without having to compromise on performance or range. With advanced features like regenerative braking and fast charging, it won’t leave you stranded halfway through your journey.

The Tata Tiago EV not only fits well within your budget but also reduces your carbon footprint substantially. It’s an eco-friendly choice that doesn’t force you to sacrifice luxury or convenience. As we move forward towards cleaner energy sources, vehicles like this are certainly paving the way. Now that we’ve covered these affordable electric options, let’s transition into understanding how to navigate the electric car marketplace with our ‘electric car buying guide’.

Electric Car Buying Guide

You’re about to journey into the realm of green transportation with our comprehensive guide on purchasing battery-powered vehicles. As you consider making this switch, there’s a few crucial factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

  1. Range: You need a car that can cover your daily commute with juice to spare. Always check the vehicle’s range before purchasing.
  2. Charging Infrastructure: Ensure charging facilities are easily accessible, either at home or nearby public charging stations.
  3. Maintenance & Warranty: Electric cars have fewer moving parts but make sure warranty covers most of the key components.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are the Specific Government Policies and Incentives for Buying Electric Cars in India Under 5 Lakhs?

The Indian government offers incentives like a subsidy under the FAME II scheme, tax deductions on loan interest, and a reduction in GST for affordable electric cars. These make your purchase financially feasible.

2. How Does the Maintenance Cost of Electric Cars in This Price Range Compare to Traditional Fuel Cars?

Electric cars generally have lower maintenance costs as they have fewer moving parts and don’t require oil changes. However, battery replacement can be pricey. Compared to traditional fuel cars, you’ll likely save money over time.

3. What is the Average Lifespan of the Batteries in These Electric Cars and What is the Replacement Cost?

Batteries in electric cars last a whopping 8 to 15 years on average. When the day comes for replacement, you’re looking at a cost that could reach up to $6000, depending on the car model.

4. How Long Does It Typically Take to Charge These Electric Cars and How Many Kilometers Can One Expect to Drive on a Full Charge?

Charging times for electric cars vary, but typically it takes around 6-8 hours. On a full charge, you can expect to drive about 100-200 kilometers depending on the model and driving conditions.

5. Are There Sufficient Charging Stations Available in Most Parts of India to Support the Use of These Electric Cars?

“Remember the days of hunting for petrol pumps? Now, it’s about finding EV charging stations! India is steadily expanding its network, but there’s still a long way to go in most parts to fully support electric cars.”


You’ve hit the jackpot! With options like the nimble Strom Motors R3, the tech-savvy Tata Nano Electric, and Mahindra’s green warrior – Reva i, going electric under 5 lakhs is a breeze. These are not just cars, they’re your ticket to an eco-friendly future! So buckle up and get ready to zoom into the future with these pocket-friendly electric marvels. Remember, buying an electric car isn’t a small step; it’s a giant leap for mankind!

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