Imperial Blue Price in Kolkata

Imperial Blue Price in Kolkata

Seagram’s Imperial Blue is a brand of blended grain whisky that has become a household name in India, especially in Kolkata. Known for its smooth and pleasant flavour profile, it has captured the heart of spirits enthusiasts in the City of Joy. The price of this premium liquor varies considerably due to a range of factors, from production costs and taxes to retail outlet selections and promotional strategies.

Imperial Blue, the famed blended grain whisky, has woven its own saga of popularity and preference among the spirited folks of Kolkata. This metropolitan hub, known for its rich cultural heritage and voracious appetite for good quality spirits, has warmly embraced the smooth and subtle notes of Imperial Blue. With its unique charm and affordable pricing, it’s no wonder that the whisky is esteemed at local gatherings, traditional festivities, and quiet evenings. However, several intriguing factors come into play when discussing the price of Imperial Blue in Kolkata – from production overheads to taxes, government regulations, and varied retail strategies. Let’s delve into these fascinating details, and explore the story behind the Imperial Blue price in Kolkata.

Understanding Imperial Blue

Understanding Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue, launched in 1997, was introduced to the versatile Indian market by Pernod Ricard. Over the years, it has become a highly sought-after and reputable whisky brand throughout India, including Kolkata. Its blend combines Indian grain spirits with imported Scotch malts, creating a unique flavour profile and making it stand out amongst other domestic spirits.

This blended grain whisky undergoes a meticulous production process. It is initially fermented and distilled before being matured in wooden casks. It’s then blended with the finest scotch malts, resulting in a balanced drink with a subtle sweetness and a smooth finish.

Seagram’s Imperial Blue is available in several bottle sizes in Kolkata to cater to diverse customer needs. These range from miniature 90ml bottles to 375ml and 750ml variants, right through to 1-litre editions – all evidence of the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and variety.

Factors Affecting Whisky Prices

Factors Affecting Whisky Prices

The Maximum Retail Price (MRP) plays a crucial role in determining liquor prices in India, and Imperial Blue is no exception. It’s the highest price that retailers can legally charge for a product. The MRP of alcohol includes factors like cost of production, margin for the manufacturer, margin for the retailer, and various taxes.

Taxes and duties drastically affect the final price of whisky in Kolkata. Additionally, the variation in liquor prices also extends to the type of retail outlet. More high-end retail stores might price their alcohol higher due to factors like location and store upkeep. Price comparison tools can help consumers find the best deals on their favourite spirits by allowing them to compare the prices offered by different retailers.

Imperial Blue Prices in Kolkata 

Bottle Size (ml) Estimated Price Range (₹)
180 180 – 200
375 330 – 380
750 600 – 700
1000 890 – 910

Imperial Blue in the Kolkata Market

Imperial Blue in the Kolkata Market

Imperial Blue’s popularity in Kolkata is ubiquitous. Reasons for this prominence vary, though the brand’s favourable price point and taste profile are contributing factors. Seagram’s Imperial Blue has become a preferred choice whether it’s celebrated occasions like wedding parties, social gatherings with friends, or festivals like Durga Puja.

Responsible drinking practices are crucial to keep in mind while enjoying alcohol. Many stores and bars in Kolkata promote these norms, including limits on the amount sold to individuals and strict age restrictions in compliance with legal regulations.

Alternatives & Considerations

While Seagram’s Imperial Blue holds its place in the hearts of many Kolkata inhabitants, other whisky models are within the same price range. Brands like Officer’s Choice, McDowell’s No.1, and Royal Stag also fill the city’s liquor cabinets.

Beyond the price, it’s also vital to consider other factors when choosing a whisky. These include the drink’s smoothness, its blending, and most importantly, your personal taste. Remember, enjoyment is paramount when it comes to whisky!

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What Are the Variants and Sizes Available of Imperial Blue in Kolkata?

Imperial Blue is available in several bottle sizes including 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, and 1-litre editions.

2. Are There Similar Brands Available in Kolkata at a Similar Price Range?

Yes, besides Imperial Blue, other whisky brands available in Kolkata include Officer’s Choice, McDowell’s No.1, and Royal Stag.

3. How Does the Retail Outlet Influence the Price of Whisky?

The type of retail outlet can significantly influence the price of whisky. Higher-end retail stores may price their alcohol higher due to factors like location, store maintenance, and overhead costs.

4. What is the Message on Responsible Drinking?

Responsible drinking involves understanding your drinking limit, not driving under influence, and adhering to the legal drinking age.

5. Does the Brand Have Any Active Promotions or Discounts for Bulk Purchases?

While specific discounts can vary across retail outlets, individuals are encouraged to use price comparison tools or refer to the store or brand’s website for current offers and discounts.


As we dive into the world of whisky, we discover that the Imperial Blue price in Kolkata is subject to various factors. From production to taxes, the brand’s pricing strategy ensures it remains an affordable and value-for-money whisky option for its consumers. However, it’s equally important that spirit enthusiasts drink responsibly and choose their preferred whisky based not just on price, but also personal preferences and tastes.

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