Imperial Blue Whisky Price In UP

Imperial Blue Whisky Price In UP

Imperial Blue is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. Made by Pernod Ricard, it is an Indian whisky blended from imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits. Imperial Blue has become a favorite whisky for many nationwide with a distinctive bold taste and smooth finish.

As India’s most populous state with over 200 million residents, Uttar Pradesh (UP) represents a major market for alcohol brands. Understanding the factors influencing Imperial Blue Whisky pricing in UP provides insights into the wider alcohol landscape. This article analyzes the key aspects impacting the price of Imperial Blue Whisky across various parts of the state.

Factors Affecting Price

Several elements determine the retail pricing of Imperial Blue Whisky bottles in UP, ranging from government taxes to distribution costs.

Factors Affecting Price

Government Regulations:

As alcohol is subject to heavy taxation in India, UP’s alcohol excise structure significantly impacts Imperial Blue Whisky prices. Depending on the type and size, excise duties comprise 20-70% of the retail price. Special fees include bottling, transport permits, retail licenses and bonded warehouse storage.

Recently, the UP government rationalized excise rates on various liquor categories. However, Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) like Imperial Blue continues to attract higher duties than country liquor.

Bottle Size and Variations:

Imperial Blue Whisky is available in different bottle sizes – 750ml, 375ml and 180ml. The per ml price is highest for the smallest 180ml bottle. Larger 750ml bottles offer a better value proposition.

Prices also differ based on special/limited editions. For example, a collectors 750ml edition with two glasses costs more than the regular Imperial Blue 750ml pack.

Distribution Channels:

Online liquor stores offer Imperial Blue Whisky at discounted rates compared to traditional offline shops due to lower operating overheads. However, minimum order values and delivery charges impact total costs.

Authorized distributors and registered retailers with liquor licenses also influence price points owing to distribution margins at various points along the supply chain.

Market Dynamics:

UP’s competitive spirits landscape includes similar blended whisky brands like McDowell’s No.1 and Officers Choice competing with Imperial Blue. Their price points and discounts impact Imperial Blue’s positioning.

Prices also vary according to fluctuations in input costs, changing demand cycles, festive seasons and evolving consumer preferences.

Discounts and Offers:

Pernod Ricard and distributors run Imperial Blue promotions around events like whisky festivals and New Year period. Special cashback offers for online delivery also lower effective prices.

Liquor retailers provide discounts through membership schemes and loyalty programs. Customers can avail of additional savings via credit card discounts, coupon codes, and mobile wallet cashback while purchasing online.

Finding the Best Price

Finding the Best Price

Evaluating the plethora of pricing and discount factors involves checking multiple platforms.

Bottle Size Average Price Range (INR) Factors Affecting Price
750ml 545 – 560 Excise tax, distribution channel, deals/offers
375ml 275 – 290 Excise tax, bottle size, availability
180ml 180 – 200 Excise tax, smallest size, higher per-ml cost

Online Price Comparison Platforms:

Websites like DialABottle allow consumers to compare Imperial Blue Whisky rates across different online sellers after including relevant state excise duties, delivery charges, etc.

Price comparison ensures buyers avoid unreliable sellers and identify genuine deals. Checking liquor license and verification policies is also advised while purchasing online.

Negotiating in Offline Stores:

Smaller local outlets may provide room to negotiate prices through bulk purchase schemes and special orders compared to fixed rates at bigger branded stores.

Buyers can discuss discreet discounts concerning online rates. However, very low prices could indicate potential counterfeit risks.

Duty-Free Shopping Options:

International airports in UP like Varanasi, provide duty-free shops to purchase select liquor brands at exempted import duty rates. Similar options are also available near border areas like Nepal.

Additional Considerations

Buying from legal and authorized sources is strongly emphasized, along with responsible consumption.

Counterfeit Alert:

Fake imitation whisky and improperly distilled spirits pose major health hazards, making it vital to verify authenticity.

Warning signs of counterfeited Imperial Blue bottles include incorrect labels, cap design, bottling date, unclear printing and spelling errors.

Responsible Consumption:

The legal age for alcohol consumption in UP is 21 years. Consumers are advised to practice caution – avoiding over-indulgence, detrimental addiction and drunk driving.

Resources providing alcohol abuse support like the UP de-addiction helpline should be used when required. Brands like Imperial Blue also promote responsible drinking through designated driver campaigns.


1. What is the Price of 750ml Imperial Blue Whisky Bottle in Up?

The average price of a 750ml Imperial Blue Whisky bottle in UP currently ranges between ₹600-₹750 in offline retail stores, while online rates are ₹500-₹650. Prices keep fluctuating across regions and outlets based on supply-demand dynamics.

2. Is Imperial Blue Whisky Available in 180ml Bottles in Up?

Yes, 180ml nip bottles of Imperial Blue whisky are readily available across most liquor stores in Uttar Pradesh. The average price of a 180ml bottle is ₹90-120.

3. Does Imperial Blue Whisky Price Increase During Festivals?

Imperial Blue prices are generally unaffected or sometimes even discounted during peak festive occasions like Diwali or New Year when promotional offers are running. However, in certain cases, input cost spikes can push prices up during festival season.

4. What is the Legal Drinking Age in Uttar Pradesh?

The legal age for alcohol consumption as per UP excise rules is a minimum of 21 years. Imperial Blue whisky and other spirits brands can only be purchased by individuals over 21. Selling alcohol to underage persons also attracts penalties.

5. Which Whisky Brand is Cheaper Than Imperial Blue in Up?

Some whisky brands priced lower than Imperial Blue generally available in UP include Grainsmith Regular Whisky, White Fox Whisky, White Mischief Whisky, Original Choice Whisky, and Director’s Special Whisky, among others in similar segments. However quality and taste may differ.


Imperial Blue Whisky price in UP varies according to government taxes, bottle sizes, online/offline channels, discounts and evolving market dynamics. Price comparison platforms help find the best deals. Consumers need to verify authenticity and emphasize responsible consumption practices.

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