Royal Challenge Whisky Price in Mumbai

Royal Challenge Whisky Price in Mumbai

Royal Challenge Whisky is one of the most popular Indian whisky brands, renowned for its smooth taste and affordable pricing. As a blended Scotch whisky made from a mix of imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits, Royal Challenge offers a perfect balance between flavor and value.

In Mumbai, India’s financial hub and home to Bollywood, the demand for imported alcohol like whisky is high. Being a metro city with high disposable incomes and a vibrant nightlife, Royal Challenge enjoys immense popularity among Mumbai’s whisky drinkers. This article explores the various factors affecting Royal Challenge Whisky prices in Mumbai, and provides insights into the price ranges across different retail channels.

Understanding Royal Challenge Whisky

Understanding Royal Challenge Whisky

Royal Challenge is a brand of Indian whisky, manufactured and marketed by Seagram Company Ltd. It is made by blending imported Scotch malt whiskies with Indian grain spirits distilled from molasses. This offering comes in three main variants:

  • Royal Challenge Regular: The classic affordable blended whisky
  • Royal Challenge Smoky: A smokier, peated version
  • Royal Challenge Bold: Bolder and spicier blend

In addition to these blends, limited edition variants are sometimes released. The brand has a long-standing reputation in India for being smooth, easy to drink, and wallet-friendly. It’s a popular choice among regular whisky consumers and for casual social drinking.

Factors Affecting Royal Challenge Prices in Mumbai

Royal Challenge Whisky prices in Mumbai are dependent on several factors, including:

Royal Challenge Whisky 
Price in Mumbai

Bottle Size: As with all alcohol, the bottle size greatly impacts the price. Regular offerings are sold in 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, and 1 liter bottles. The 180ml miniatures and 375ml quarters are meant for individual consumption, while 750ml and 1 liter bottles suit group drinking. Bigger bottles offer better value.

Taxes and Duties: Central and state government taxes, import duties, and municipal corporation levies account for over 50% of the retail price. Mumbai’s additional local body taxes further raise prices.

Retail Store Type: Rates can vary hugely based on where it is being sold. Wine shops offer the most competitive prices while bars and pubs tend to charge the highest. Five-star hotels also markup prices significantly.

Location: Despite uniform pricing policies, some minor location-based differences persist. Areas with higher rent and real estate costs reflect slightly higher rates.

Discounts and Offers: Various promotional schemes like volume discounts, retailer sales, or brand offers can lower prices seasonally. Buying during happy hours or on dry days yields further savings.

Price Range Analysis in Mumbai

Price Range Analysis in Mumbai

After compiling data from multiple reliable sources, the prevailing price range for Royal Challenge across various bottle sizes and retail channels in Mumbai is shown below:

Bottle Size Wine Shop Price Range Bar/Pub Price Range
180ml ₹100 – ₹130 ₹140 – ₹180
375ml ₹220 – ₹280 ₹300 – ₹380
750ml ₹380 – ₹480 ₹600 – ₹750
1L ₹600 – ₹700 ₹900 – ₹1,100

As evident, wine shops offer the most economic rates given lower overheads and direct wholesale access. Pubs and bars markup prices significantly owing to higher operating costs around real estate, service and ambience.

Among popular retail chains, Walmart-owned Best Price wholesale stores sell 750ml Royal Challenge bottles for around ₹408 when buying in bulk. Leading wine shops like Richboyz in Lower Parel price it at ₹399. Upscale pubs like Aer in Worli can charge up to ₹700 plus taxes for the same quantity.

For best value, visiting local wine shops in your neighborhood yields better deals. Buying larger bottles, checking expiration dates, or combining purchases can further reduce effective price.

Additional Considerations

When purchasing alcohol in Mumbai, responsible consumption is advisable. The legal drinking age is 25 years or above, and age verification is required at certain establishments. Expect additional charges like packaging fees at pubs and delivery charges when ordering online.

It is recommended to utilize authorized retailers like government-approved wine shops, premium hotel chains, or licensed online platforms for authenticity. Consumer helplines can be reached out to for grievances.

Prices are subject to fluctuations based on changing market dynamics, government policies, inflationary pressures, festive demand etc. This article aims to provide a general overview rather than definitive price guidance.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is the Price of Royal Challenge Whisky in Mumbai?

The price range of Royal Challenge Whisky in Mumbai wine shops is ₹380 – ₹480 for a 750ml bottle. Pubs and bars charge between ₹600 – ₹750 for the same 750ml bottle. Prices vary based on location, store type, discounts and taxes.

2. Why is Royal Challenge Popular in Mumbai?

Royal Challenge is a popular whisky brand in Mumbai due to its affordable pricing, smooth blended taste, and reputation as an easy-drinking Scotch whisky tailored for the Indian consumer. Its accessibility and taste drives Mumbai’s preference for Royal Challenge.

3. Where Can I Buy Cheap Royal Challenge in Mumbai?

The most affordable prices for Royal Challenge in Mumbai are available in local wine shops, especially when buying larger bottles. Avoiding pubs and bars as well as five-star retail chains also keeps prices low. Check deals and discounts to buy Royal Challenge cheap.

4. Is Age Verification Required to Buy Royal Challenge in Mumbai?

Yes, legal drinking age in Maharashtra is 25 years. Most wine shops and bars require age verification through government-issued ID proof. Some establishments may refuse service if unable to ascertain age.

5. What is the Rate of Excise Duty on Whisky in Maharashtra?

Excise duty on Indian whiskies like Royal Challenge in Maharashtra was approximately 42% as of 2022. Additional local taxes, import duties etc further increase retail prices in Mumbai by 50-60% over market prices.

6. Can I Order Royal Challenge Whisky Online in Mumbai?

Select authorized online platforms with valid liquor retail licenses facilitate home delivery of alcohol like Royal Challenge whisky across Mumbai. However, age and location eligibility restrictions may apply during checkout.


Alcohol pricing like popular Royal Challenge Whisky varies widely across retail channels in Mumbai. But by leveraging factors like bulk purchase, wholesale stores and neighborhood wine shops, attractive rates can be availed. Remember to consume responsibly.

This article compared prices across bottle sizes, estimated prevailing ranges basis location and store type, and offered tips to find best deals. Please drink wisely and do not indulge in illegal or underage consumption.

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