What Are The Key Differences Between Traditional And Online Teen Patti

What Are The Key Differences Between Traditional And Online Teen Patti?

Time and again, card games have always stood the test of time. These games have survived for centuries and are favorites of millions even in this digital age. Despite being surrounded by entertainment apps and gadgets, enthusiasts still find time to play their favorite card games with friends or unknown players In this aspect, traditional card games have taken a turn and become digital. They have been transformed into remarkable apps with new twists to explore and play online. Has everything changed? Well, this question can only be answered when we compare the traditional and online versions of a card game. For this, let us pick Teen Patti. Before comparing these two, let us focus on what these online versions are first.

What is Teen Patti online?

Teen Patti online is the digital version of this centuries-old card game. The game developers have created virtual platforms where one can play this card game with known or unknown players. You can download and install a mobile app and register as a player. Once done, you can find random virtual rooms to enter as a registered player and play.The virtual or online version follows the basic rules of this card game and adds a few twists or enhancements. Players need to understand the gameplay of a chosen app to master the skills first. Once the skills have developed, a player can easily take part in contests and tournaments to win prizes. Everything is conducted virtually via a mobile app.

Key Differences between Traditional and Online Teen Patti

Now that we have understood what online Teen Patti is, here is the list of its differences from the traditional one.

Structure of the card game

Traditional: The gameplay or structure of the offline card game entirely depends on the location and preferences of the people willing to play. It uses a standard playing card deck containing 52 cards. They decide on the rules related to points, card ranking, hand combinations, etc, before a game starts. Once the decision is made, players take turns to distribute the cards to the other players. A dealer can be a third person who is not participating in betting or wagering. This step is taken to avoid bias or any confusion among the players. Online: The online game is conducted virtually on an app. It means the rules are previously set, and players will not have to decide anything beforehand. The only thing a player will have to focus on is the features of the gameplay. As mentioned earlier, the virtual gameplay of Teen Patti varies a little from app to app. To make sure a player is well-accustomed to the rules, he must download and play this card game on a particular app. After familiarizing with the gameplay rules, 4 to 7 players can meet on a Teen Patti table online and play against each other. Cards are dealt by a virtual dealer. This dealer is controlled by RNG algorithms. It means the players will get random cards all the time. Here, a standard card deck is also used.

Betting and wagering styles

Traditional: The betting and wagering styles and limits are set by the players as a local practice. For instance, playing Teen Patti at a high-stakes table may not have betting limits. On the other hand, players may limit the betting size while playing locally with friends. Online: The bet size is limited and decided by the apps used to play this card game. Hence, players will have to abide by the betting and wagering rules set by an app. There is no way one can change the rules as they are set in an unbiased manner by the authority.

Skills and luck

Traditional: Players wagering after checking their hands in a traditional game will have to follow the probabilities of good cards. They will have to anticipate the cards in the deck and that in the hands of opponents. So, blind bets and raises entirely depend on the skills of a player and his luck. Online: In the same aspect, both skills and luck will act the same when you play this card game online. You will only know the cards in your hands and can only assume the rest on the deck and in opponents’ hands. So, your prediction and analytical skills, along with luck, will decide whether your hand will favor your bet or not. 

Reading other players

Traditional: in the traditional version, players will be able to read the activities of opponents while playing this game online. They can try to detect whether the players are bluffing or not, considering their physical activities. In fact, they can also interact face-to-face with players and make it more fun. Online: The online version, on the other hand, will not allow players to see each other. They can rather use the virtual chat rooms to send text and voice messages. The interaction level of the online version is less than the traditional one.

Tactile difference

Traditional: Players handle their cards physically and have to keep them secure or hidden from the rest. Here, dealing and shuffling are done with hands. Online: Online card gaming platforms use algorithms and animations to deal cards among the players. A virtual dealer is present to deal the cards automatically during new hands, raise or call.

Availability and technological dependence

Traditional: The traditional version needs at least three to four players to play this game. They will also need a deck of cards and a scoreboard to find the winners. They might need a rule book for clarity. 

Online: On the other hand, the online version is heavily dependent on technology. Players will need a mobile phone to download and install an app and play this game. Players will not have to wait for other players to join but will need an internet connection for an unhindered experience. 


Traditional: Privacy might be at stake when players connect locally and play. There might be confusion or chaos regarding illicit moves, biased card distribution or checking the hands of opponents stealthily. Online: There is no way one can cheat online or use illegal methods to win. The entire gameplay depends on the algorithms and security measures of an app.

Final words

These differences in the traditional and online versions of Teen Patti explain how far this card game has evolved. From creating an unbiased and safe card-playing environment to connecting players worldwide, the online versions have gained more popularity than the traditional ones.

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